Secondary Cleaner

Air Systems

  • DirtWhacker Air System
  • Gauge Air Pressure 0-100 kpa
  • Gauge Air Pressure 0-15 psi
  • Air Connector 1/4 inch
  • Air Hose 1/4 inch
  • Air Valve
  • Air Gauge Mounting Kit
    a) DW 5516 ( Air Block )
    b) DW 5517 ( Rubber Mounting )
    c) DW 5812 ( Washer SQ M12 )
    d) DW 5825 ( Lock-Nut M12 )
    e) DW 5514 ( Air Valve )
  • Air Bladder Clamp
  • End Cap – Blank
  • End Cap – Threaded
  • Air Bladder Protective Sleeve
  • Air Bladder 0450mm – Air Bladder 2400mm

Product Description

The DirtWhacker Air System amounts to a vast improvement in cost effectiveness for the industry.

The following points illustrate how:

Cost Effective

  • The air system sustains even blade-to-belt pressure over the full claner width
  • When the secondary belt cleaner is located inside an inaccessible structure the belt-to-blade pressure can be adjusted from a suitable remote location
  • No skilled labour is required to maintain optimal performance between blade changes
  • The belt to blade pressure can be monitored from a control room
  • The belt top cover damage can be curtailed even further if the DirtWhacker belt cleaners are only activated, via sensors, as and when needed
  • One air bladder supports all blades on a given cleaner unit. This ensures that every blade will have equal belt-to-blade pressure, in spite of wear

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